Full paper related policy

Full Paper related policy (MS Word) or (PDF)
Full Paper template (MS Word)
Copyright Form (MS Word)

The authors should be aware of the following requirements in preparation of their full papers.

1.The total paper length should be 6 pages or less. Otherwise, 116 USD/page for the over length pages will be charged.

2.The paper must be prepared in pdf format compatible with IEEE PDF eXpress. Papers which fail to fulfill this requirement will not be included in the IEEE Xplore and EI Index. Please enter the IEEE PDF eXpress site at www.pdf-express.org with the conference ID: peds09x

3.A registration ID number will be required to upload your paper. So, please be noted that one of the authors of the paper must register appropriately before the associated full paper can be uploaded. For more details, please see the registration page.

4.The paper must be accompanied by a completed IEEE copyright form. Please clck here to download the copyright form.

5.The paper must be prepared in standard IEEE two-column format with other details as mentioned in the provided template. Please click here to download the paper template.

6.On-Line registration will be available by August 15, 2009, and all paper submission and requirements must be completed by September 8, 2009.

7.As you are the corresponding author for your paper, you are the only person receiving this communication and we request that you forward this information to all co-authors.

Steps to be followed in preparing and uploading the full paper:
STEP#1.Prepare the full paper in the specified format.
STEP#2.Convert the full paper into pdf format with IEEE PDF eXpress.
STEP#3.Proof the converted pdf file.
STEP#4.Register through On-Line registration system.
STEP#5.Upload the full paper and other requirements through On-Line Full Paper Submission system.

List of items authors should prepare before proceeding to On-Line Full Paper Submission
1.Full paper in the specified format and compatible with IEEE PFD eXpress.
2.Completed Copyright Form in pdf format.
3.Presenter’s biography (no more than 200 characters).

Author Instructions(MS Word)

Digest Instructions

Authors are cordially welcome to submit an abstract of 200 words and a single spaced five-page digest, including text, tables, and figures.

The abstracts and digests will be submitted at the conference
Website: http://www.peds09.ntust.edu.tw.

PEDS Example Digest (MS Word) or (PDF)

The Digest should be in a single-column pdf format with 12 point serif text, such as Times New Roman and on either A4 or US letter-size pages. These format requirements are necessary for the peer review stage. Contact information for the corresponding author should be indicated on the abstract. No author information should appear on the 5 page digest.

Submissions should indicate a preference for oral or poster presentation in case of acceptance. However, the final decision on the presentation format will be decided by the technical program committee. All submissions will be made through a web-based system. Each technical paper that is accepted for inclusion in the IEEE PEDS 2009 conference proceedings must be associated with a FULL conference registration. Student/Life Member registrations are NOT entitled to register for any paper publication. Student/Life Member can register to attend the conference.

Registrants under the "Member/Non-Member Full Registration" category are entitled to register up to a maximum of one additional technical paper per registrant with additional paper fee paid.

Oral and Poster Papers which are not presented during the conference will NOT be included in the IEEE Xplore and EI database.