Presentation Instruction

Instruction to Presenters: Oral Sessions (pdf)
Instruction to Presenters: Poster Sessions (pdf)

Instruction to Presenters: Oral Sessions

1.The presenter is invited to meet the session chairman on the day of his/her presentation. Each day, a meeting at complementary breakfast or lunch will be organized for the oral sessions of that day according to the following schedule:

3rd Nov

Authors’ lunch

4th Nov

Authors’ breakfast

4th Nov

Authors’ lunch

5th Nov

Authors’ breakfast

5th Nov

Authors’ lunch

2. Each paper is given 20 minutes for presentation:
A. 15 minutes presentation
B. 5 minutes Q & A 

3. A PC with Microsoft Windows XP operating system and a LCD projector will be provided in each session room. For the presentation, each PC will be installed with Microsoft Power Point (Microsoft Office 2003) and Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher).

4. All presenters have to upload their presentations to the provided PCs 20 minutes before the beginning of each session. A helper will be available in each room to assist with the uploading. It is the responsibility of the presenters to make sure that their files are presentable using the provided software. Therefore, it is encouraged that they test their presentation files at the test corner before the session and after uploading them to the PC in the session room.

Note: A test corner (Room 402C) will be provided and we strongly recommend you to check your presentation before the session.
5. Please be mindful about fonts if you are using software version of your region. Try to keep animations to a minimum if you want to minimize problems with the portability of different versions of software.

Instruction to Presenters: Poster Sessions

1. Poster session will be held in room402 on 4 Nov. during 13:40-17:00. Each author is responsible for setting up and removing his/her poster according to the following schedule





Setting up









2. Recognizing that many attendees will plan their schedule around the published session time for questions and discussion with the authors, the authors are thus required to be in the session room at their poster location for the entire session except for minimal absence for short breaks.

3. The PEDS’09 organizer is not responsible for possible loss of posters left on the board after the removing time.

4. Special poster boards with Paper ID as illustrated below will be provided for each paper.  Paper’s title, authors’ name(s), affiliation(s) and country etc. should be prepared by the authors.

5. One panel is provided for each poster presentation. The maximum usable area for each panel is about 90 cm (width) X 120 cm (height). Adhesive tapes will be provided to attach your presentation materials onto the poster boards.

6. Your poster should be visible from several meters away; so lettering should be large and clear. Use color to emphasize important features. Diagrams and graph should have clear captions.
7. Photocopies of your paper typescript are not acceptable. Displaying many A4-sized papers on the board for poster presentation is not acceptable.
8. The Poster Session Chair will take attendance of presenters during the session.